I invite you to view Paintings and some Drawings by Christopher Schramm! I have been painting for most of my life, come see what it is I do. The current works are done mostly over the last 2 years. Figurative expressionist abstraction with surrealist elements; the paintings have a few different themes: history, personal life, subconscious, and abstract expressionist.

In 2020 my work was selected to take part in the DeYoung Open Exhibition.

The Studio is located at 152 Carl St at Shrader, San Francisco, CA. Access is through a garage which will be open and marked.

I'm asking you to wear masks and hopefully be vaccinated. My studio is in a garden behind an apartment building and will be open to the air with a roll-up door open and double doors as well.

For information about the paintings or for purchase contact below:


Some additional works can be seen at: